Dazed & Confused magazine cover and double page spreads

For this project, we was given a brief to;

“produce a design for an article which is to be inserted into the July issue of dazed and confused. The topic of the article is to be ‘Identity’ this could encompass any subject that is relevant to this word.You are required to produce a front cover and 2 double page spreads.All of the imagery must be your own, generated from your time in the photography studio.Ensure both the topic and visual style of the article is appropriate to dazed & confused.”  However, this project was not a “live” brief, which for people who don’t know, means that if it was a live brief and my design was chosen by the client, it would actually be printed professionally and in an issue of dazed & confused.

So, after I was given this brief, I started by looking at previous issues of Dazed & confused (now simplified to just dazed) and found that the magazine is very much photography based, and covers issues ranging from poverty and homelessness to the civil war in Syria and other things such as art exhibitions and politics. The magazine was created by a famous photographer whose photographs I absolutely love, Rankin. So I thought about what could represent my identity through photography, and I thought about using the theme of Asperger’s Syndrome, as this is something which I have recently been diagnosed with and I think represents my identity well.

The theme of the main cover was to do with a common symptom which occurs with people with both Asperger’s and Autism, eye contact, I find this relates to me really well as I can never have eye contact with someone when I am talking to them. So I used studio photography and double exposure techniques to represent this, in which I think this cover looks really good and professional.

We then had to create 2 double page spreads, one continuing the theme of the main cover and one on another subject but still relating in some way to the other article. For the first one, I chose to do the theme of literal interpretation, as this is another thing which occurs with people with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism. I looked at how literal interpretation could be shown in photography, and thought about using sayings, such as ‘pull yourself together’ and ‘has the cat got your tongue?’ I then used this and created a self-portrait photograph, I then printed it out, ripped it in half and then sewed it back together, quite literally ‘pulling’ myself together. I then used this as the main image, making this central and sort of making it look like the page was being pulled together too. Overall, I like how this piece has turned out, as I think it looks professional and like a ‘proper’ double page from Dazed & Confused.

For the next double page spread, we had to use photo’s which had been taken ‘in the moment’ on smart phone cameras and digital cameras (I.E not in the studio) so I decided to use photo’s taken from nights out about a month ago, and some photos I had taken on a DSLR whilst socializing on the square in Peterborough. I decided to use the theme of socializing for this second double page, as it is something I try to do a lot of the time at the weekend. I tried to show in my photographs how even though I have Asperger’s, and it sometimes makes me nervous around people, I can socialize with people I am comfortable with. I think that overall, this page isn’t as refined as the earlier work, but it is still professional-looking.


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